This page contains a brief overview of some of the different design projects I have worked on both in school and during my free time.


Digital Product Design and Prototyping


DoubleMap Rider Mobile Application

Date: April 2018

Project Type: Mobile Prototype

I took on the role as product manager in helping to improve the rider mobile application for DoubleMap, a transportation management and analytic start up.

I worked closely with 3 other members of my team, carefully dedicating our task, providing them with the necessary guidance and ensuring that we are on track with out time line.



Microsoft NutriGo

Date: April 2018

Project Type: Wearable Device Prototype

Working closely in a team of 4 and with consulting firm, Avanade, we created a prototype of a wearable device that can help individuals with specific dietary restrictions to shop for groceries, while improving their overall shopping experience. Our client, Avanade wanted a revolutionary new product that incorporates new technologies that would set it apart from all other devices in the market and put Microsoft as leader in this field.


Airbnb Smart Travel Companion

Date: February 2018

Project Type: Mobile Prototype

As a student for an undergraduate interaction design course, we were tasked to assist Airbnb in designing a smart travel companion to provide its guest with a seamless travel experience. I worked closely in a team of 4 in executing this project from start to end. In addition to applying my design and research skills, I also took the role as team facilitator, using my leadership skills in managing all logistical affairs, and keeping the team on track in the project timeline.



Room Finder

Date: September 2017

Project Type: Web Prototype

Room Finder is prototype of an app for a campus wide online room reservation system.

The idea of this prototype came up when I was struggling to find vacant rooms on campus to host meetings. After coming up with a couple ideas, I decided to put it on paper and turn into a hi-fidelity prototype.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 11.12.27 PM.png


Official website of Net Impact Indiana university undergrad chapter

Date : June 2017

Project Type: Website

Net Impact Indiana University Undergrad Chapter is a student organization that focuses on sustainable business. As the Vice President of Marketing for the organization, I designed and managed the organization's official website. Using my skill set in HTML and CSS, I designed this website that provides detailed information about the organization's background and keeps the general public informed about the organization's latest projects and accomplishments. The types of content that is displayed in the website is selected based on feedbacks given by our members. As my leadership role in the organization will end after graduation, I have also trained my directors to take on this role so that it can be sustained for years to come.

Link to website



3D Modeling

Barry the Broccoli

This is a simple 3D model of a character I created called Barry the broccoli. The model was made using Blender.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 6.48.06 PM.png


Virtual Reality Design


Date: September 2016

Lost is my first attempt on building a basic virtual reality environment using Unity. While it is simple, this project has a large map, with sounds and dynamic objects incorporated into it. I first started on this design by carefully understand every set of requirements given by my instructor. I then creating a basic map and slowly added more features to meet every requirements. Once I finalized my maps, I analyzed it and obtained all the materials I needed before assembling them in Unity.


Link to project


Visual and Brand Design


design 2.jpg