Microsoft Nutrigo

Unlike my other projects that revolved around mobiles apps and websites, Microsoft Nutrigo was a project where I worked in a team of 4, and also with designers from consulting firm, Avanade in conceptualizing a whole new device that Microsoft can develop within the near future.


Our client, Avanade who themselves are consultants for Microsoft were tasked to help Microsoft create a series of game changing ideas for the future. One of those areas that both Avanade and Microsoft have often failed was the realm of personal health. Hence, my team alongside with others from my class were tasked to take on this design challenge with hopes that we might be able to bring some fresh new ideas. We were also specified not to create any mobile apps prototypes, but rather to thing for the long run and create a whole new concept and a whole new platform that has never been imagined before, but is still feasible to be deployed within the next few years.


The opportunities in this project is endless. My team and I came up a few different ideas, but ultimately we decided on diving into the realm of personalized health management. The next question was what shape and form will this product take. A wearable device was the best way to go, but with already so many players in this field (ex: fitbit, apple, samsung), we need a wearable device with a revolutionary new design and concept. Existing wearables currently contains a small smartphone like device fitted with a strap that users can wear just like a watch, this comes with a series of problems that user may sometime face. For instance, the screens of of these wearables are too small and too hard to navigate.

Getting inspiration from Samsung S10 and some of Mircosoft’s future vision concept, we conceptualize a new wearable device that requires no strap with cheap fabric, instead the whole strap itself is the device. The proposed device will can be navigated around using wand and wrist motions, and it can be easily strapped on and adjust to every different individual with just a snap, similar to the wrist bands used in theme parks and concerts. Last but not least, the wrist band can also be transformed into a long iPod like device should the user wish to.